At the fish farm, which could have been located on the edge of any river, the May sunshine lit up the afternoon.

The swallow was flying her daily round between the tall trees growing along the river banks. She liked to leave her nest behind and fly up-river towards the mountains. Beautiful nightfalls occur when the afternoon retreates leaving wounded skies, and the swallow, after spending the day here and there, would return home gazing at these.

One day, however, the sparkle of a young salmon caught the eye of the swallow. The neclace made of gold and sunrays he was wearing couldn’t have been more beautiful. It was more elegant, brighter and shinier than the most precious diamond. The swallow perched on a nearby tree and spent hours gazing at the salmon swimming around in the waters of the fishfarm. He stood out beautifully from all the other fish.

The following day the swallow awoke with a strong desire to return to the fishfarm. She quickly flew up to the farm, perched herself on the tree nearest to the salmon and adorned herself with leaves. What the swallow hadn’t realised is that perched there she was also making the surrounding leaves look more beautiful; the leaves in turn adorned the tree, the tree adorned the river, and the river the surroundings. On that day, therefore, when the swallow perched on the tree, the scenery around the fish farm looked more spectacular than usual.

At the fish farm, the calm and slow salmon also noticed the beautiful dawn. They followed the song coming from amongst the trees and soon spotted the swallow. Open mouthed they gazed at the swallow, but soon realised that she was looking at the young salmon more than them, and, feeling a little sad, they accepted her smile with a little distrust.


Chapter 1 Copyright © 2002 by Gari Berasaluze. All Rights Reserved.


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