11 Chapter 11

Once again, the young salmon had fully understood the meaning of the story. A path is made by walking, that is to say, the first step has to be taken. With time, the rest will follow the path, the example, but someone has to place the first tulips.

The young salmon was anxious to jump into the river. That way he could meet the swallow and have more freedom and time to kiss her. Besides, according to what had been decided at the fishfarm, he could jump out that very morning without anyone stopping him. There were no limits, nets or obstacles. It was up to each salmon to stay at the fishfarm or jump into the river. The young salmon only needed a little bit of courage to reach the river and achieve freedom. So, he summoned up his honour, love, desire, dignity, his courage and a little bit of fear and nervously, gathering speed in the water, took a long jump into the river.

For a short but endless second he flew, he dreamt he had the swallow’s wings, but then awoke suddenly in the wild and transparent waters of the river. The jump hadn’t been that bad, and he hadn’t been hurt. He only had a couple of scratches on his skin. He soon noticed the kisses left by the swallow on top of the water and his nervousness and fear disappeared as he followed them. He was in the river, free. There were no walls under water, he could swim down or leap up the river whenever he felt like it and nobody would stop him from being a true salmon. It was wonderful.

That day, happier than ever, the salmon and the swallow got together once and again. The salmon leaped around looking out for the swallow and she happily left kisses for him amongst the splashing water.

The couple soon had visitors. Many of the salmon that were fed up of being fed coloured food pellets had started jumping out of the fishfarm and into the river. More and more red tulips could be seen at the windows. One after the other, continuously. The river brimmed with salmon.

It was a great day. The salmon that had until then been held together within the walls of the fishfarm, met freely in the river. Smiles, jumps and splashes prevailed and their happiness made that corner of the river more beautiful than ever.


Red Tulips Copyright © 2002 by Gari Berasaluze. All Rights Reserved.


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