3 Chapter 3

Circus tamers are brave, but more than their bravery they make use of their wisdom and judgement.

To keep an elephant peacefully caged the tamer uses a very simple trick: when an elephant is newly born he ties one of the elephants legs to a thick tree trunk.

Although the little elephant tries over and over again, it doesn’t manage to free itself from the trunk. As the days go by, slowly but surely, it ends up believing that the trunk is too powerful for it.

After it grows up and matures, even though it has mighty strength, it is simply enough to tie one of the elephants four legs to a stake. The elephant will not try to free itself because it remembers that once upon a time it tried over and over again and didn’t succeed.

Just like the elephant, we are also tied to something small; from childhood we get used to the power of the trunk and we do not have the courage to do anything.

We don’t realise that in order to achieve freedom we only need a little courage.


Red Tulips Copyright © 2002 by Gari Berasaluze. All Rights Reserved.


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