5 Chapter 5

The next morning the young salmon told the swallow everything that had happened. After listening to the Arabian story and reading the books he felt more courageous and, as a result, the situation had also changed at the fishfarm. The young salmon had learnt there was another world, there were other waters and the sea on the other side of the walls, and so he had told the rest of the salmon at the farm.

In fact, the young salmon didn’t want to jump into the river on his own. He could have done it, of course, but his friends and family were also behind those walls, calmly eating their daily dose of coloured pellets. He wanted to tell them all about the beautiful freedom that awaited them if they too jumped into the river. Once all the options were considered each one could decide what to do, but he didn’t think it was right to jump out and run away without telling the rest. That is why he told the others about the river, the sea and about freedom.

The swallow was happy to see how courageous the young salmon was. She knew that he did it all for love, so that they could be closer to each other. Nevertheless, she was worried. Until then she would leave her nest every day and set out up the river until she reached the edge of the fishfarm. There she would meet her beloved salmon. It was true that if the young salmon jumped into the river they would have more time and freedom to meet, to listen to each other and to kiss…but she felt scared.

Even if the salmon survived the jump over the wall unscathed, he would have to be careful in the river because anything could happen and he might encounter all sorts of things: hunger, pollution, dams, glass, nets, fishing hooks… And although the swallow wanted to see the shiny young salmon free, it scared her to think about what could happen to him in the river. Nevertheless, she believed that everything he was doing was for the best of all the salmon, so after warning him to be careful she proudly but nervously said goodbye to her love with a kiss tattooed on the surface of the water.


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